Anxiety says your smart?

As years go on anxiety is becoming more and more an issue in mental health.

You arw probably here because your  1 in 6 dealing with anxiety or has dealt with it for years…

It’s frustrating, Life-consuming, and affects jobs, relationships, and how we view our goals. There is no easy route, And there is a ton of claims that they can solve it?

When something becomes a mental issue that also affects how we physically feel it is more than a problem, It’s close to a disease. The more that people try to deal with it, try to cope with it the more frustration seems to be added to our daily lives.

One, We are all super busy, filled with so many emotions, and have so much on our plates. As time goes on there is less and less time to deal with this issue at hand. We seem to think technology is the fix, a supplement will help, a short walk and some good foods in our diet.

We all kinda know those things and then we hear what have been doing is all WRONG…

The foods are causing toxicity in our guts, The technology allows you to do more but allows the brain to go on overload with different emotions as we scroll through our Facebook feed…Think about it…

You see one cute kitten video, You smile, Kinda feels good…The next post “Our friend has lost his house and belongings in the latest California fire.”   Then the emotion changes… no more happy cat video…There is a range of  emotions and a sense of insecurity, The “what if that was me?” “who would care?” “What can I do?” 

Some boys get sad too.

It Sucks there is TOO MUCH INFORMATION....

Our brains already process up to 200 thoughts per minute…That’s not complete thoughts, Just thoughts…Think about it…How much we really remember is really dependent on how we FEEL about something. That is when FEEL something and it becomes a full thought. Scary right? You have all these thoughts going through your head and then you think you are late for work, You then get an anxious feeling, Picture your boss’s face, Wonder if you will be fired or written up, How it will affect your life. How it affects your paycheck…How it is even worth going in now? Sound familiar? That’s called a precursor. A chain of actions that start from one thought then brings emotions and then you guessed it….your pal…anxiety.

Emotional Woman Describing Symptoms to Doctor

Here is the GOOD news

Being anxious is part of the thought process and shows you what your capable of. Your able to attach emotions to thoughts and places. 

Those with social anxiety probably know this better than anyone…

The last trip to the grocery store sparks the emotion of why, who or what is going on…This commotion..These feelings…These People…When In fact we have no reason to be scared, anxious or even FEEL this…That gut wrenching emotion is a freaking tidal wave leading to more thoughts and more feelings. You get the just.

These thoughts, These emotions….They are real as we make them, You have to control a portion of it. It’s really that simple. You know that saying if it’s too crazy it must work…That is this…

Next time this happens, Stop, Close your eyes, Take a deep breath…Picture the perfect place, the perfect grocery store trip…

You are walking the aisles You’re seeing your favorite chips, you see that nice mango, that salad with chicken is going to be great tonight..(insert bad thought..I do not have enough money, I can’t cook feeling like this, I can’t because I am busy with the kids.) Stop…with your mind racing you can conquer the impossible…Start your journey over to the freezer section now you got cheaper frozen chicken a mango and some onions to hide the tears….of joy…

You made it…And that dinner is still as good. You have to be as innovative with your anxiety as it is with you…Play the game, Have fun with it…Here is the truth behind anxiety, The people with it are smart! They have incredible coping skills, Gratitude, and the power to adsorb emotions and feel what people are saying. These are things that people cannot grasp…

Mental Health Disorders File


How is this possible?



That is pretty interesting, Right? 

Almost a superpower… I know at the time of panic none of this is helpful but it will help with coping…

Coping is where most people fail, the ability to stop your emotions in its tracks and use them for good. This is what it takes.

A good diet, exercise, a supplement, nope. IT helps sure…But it does nothing if YOU do not take control of your thoughts, Create a positive environment, Meditate, Pray, Create a social environment,  cooking, Listen to music, You have all these thoughts that can OVERCOME the anxiety…You just stuck in that one.

It’s because you are doing NOTHING with the other thoughts that cause the horrible thoughts to become emotions, You now have panic. Panic becomes a state where the emotion or the thought is just un-easy, not something we feel control of, It becomes a bodily function, shakes, headaches, or just tingling…You have felt this right? Your then overactive brilliant mind looks at google to solve the problem…WHOA…STOP…The problem is not those in the search results, it’s the one thing you REALLY do have control over. Let’s say you truly believe you are sick, you have a disease, you have now wasted probably a good night’s sleep and 4 hours thinking about what to do to get things in order. Then comes acceptance…Ok, what now? 

The truth is every day we could get sick, We could lose a friend, we could die? Yes, All these are probably things we feel all the time but we often forget it and show gratitude for being alive….

The truth is we are sick in a good way, an overactive mind can be a huge benefit, our creative juices to do things act fast and believe in ourselves become really fast. There is not much room for doubt with anxiety. 

Take the numbers game, Play the lotto, Count how many times you show gratitude, and try to do something different, drive or walk a different path. Life is short, But here again, is good news…

You can control it naturally…

Try practicing karate or start immediately singing when you feel anxious. Sounds crazy right? Yeah, it is but think about it and you will forget about the panic attack and laugh…


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